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What is PSD2?

PSD2 stands for Payment Services Directive 2. The goal of PSD2 is to increase European competition and participation in the payments industry. This applies also to non-banks. Providing a level playing field for standardizing consumer protection on opening up banking data

What do we offer?
Deliver value with high quality APIs

Register, get access and start working all in a matter of minutes.

Highest standards of security

We as a bank put great focus on security and compliance, making us a highly trustworthy platform.

Developer friendly experience

Up to date API documentation, clear guidelines for test app registration, sample code and much more.

How does it work?
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Sign up for an account, register an app, connect to an API.

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Use the sandbox to experiment, then code and test against the provided test data.

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The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) will shake the foundations of banking: Introducing Open APIs into banking

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Humanity. Agility. Adaptability

PNB Banka is a bank for people. It is important for us to ensure more convenient and accessible everyday financial solutions for everyone.

We agree that state-of-the-art technology is able to improve our daily life, however, we most of all value the personal link when communicating with our customers.

Therefore, PNB Banka not only goes hand in hand with the introduction of smart technological solutions, but also has preserved a wide network of branches throughout Latvia. Because a person is more important than technology.